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Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. Completes Interior Demolition and Used Equipment SalvagE

South Plainfield, New Jersey, April 2005 – Dallas Contracting Co., Inc., (website a specialized contractor providing demolition, equipment salvage, dismantlement, onsite concrete crushing, scrap metal recycling and used/surplus equipment sales to various industries recently completed the interior demolition and removal of used equipment from a former office and light manufacturing building in New Jersey.

Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. (Dallas Contracting) was contracted by a large general contractor to provide interior demolition services and equipment removal at a 100,000 square foot office and light manufacturing building located in central New Jersey.  The scope of work included interior demolition of all interior sheetrock walls, partitions, flooring, drop ceilings and HVAC.  It also included the removal of all mechanical and boiler room equipment.

Interior demolition (also known as strip-out or gut-out) of the 100,000 sf building was conducted utilizing a 10-man crew with several scissor lifts and skid steers.   The crew systematically worked from the rear of the building towards the front demolishing the sheetrock walls, partitions, floor coverings, drop ceilings and HVAC.   Workers on scissor lifts utilized demolition saws and torches to cut piping, ductwork and other conduit. Debris and garbage was removed utilizing skid steers.  The skid steers were also utilized to help sort salvageable scrap metal and then load the scrap metal into containers for offsite recycling.

A mechanical room containing chillers, boilers, switchgear, compressors and air dryers also needed to be completely gutted. Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. utilized a combination of our interior demolition and rigging crews and our investment recovery and used equipment-purchasing experts to salvage equipment for resale.  Equipment salvaged for resale included various pumps, air compressors (Atlas Copco) and associated air dryers (Hankison) and filters, switchgear, dry type transformers and several motors.  The remaining equipment was either too old or outdated to be of any value for resale.  This non salvageable equipment was cut up and sent offsite for scrap metal recycling.

The equipment that was salvaged was in very good condition as it had been maintained properly.  A majority of the equipment was sold through our network of end users and brokers.   Remaining equipment was inventoried for future sales.

The entire project was completed in a month and a half.  There were no injuries or incidents as safety is the number one priority for Dallas Contracting.

Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. is a demolition, salvage and concrete crushing contractor based in New Jersey.  We have been in business for over 25 years, are financially sound (D&B Rating of 3A2) and bondable.  Our work is completed professionally with an OSHA trained workforce.  We provide the following services: Demolition, Industrial Demolition, Building Demolition, Concrete Aggregate Crushing, Remediation, Construction Demolition, Rigging, Brownfield Redevelopment, Surplus Equipment Sales, Interior Demolition, Equipment Removals, Dismantlement, Environmental Services, Plant Relocations, Investment Recovery, Used Equipment Sales, Wrecking, Equipment Salvage and Scrap Metal Recycling.

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