Demolition Equipment for Sale NJ

Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. is provides purchasing of equipment to offset the clients costs.

Purchasing and Sales of:

  • Used Chemical Equipment
  • Used Process Equipment
  • Used Industrial Equipment

Other Services

  • Asset Recovery
  • Surplus Equipment and Material Sales and Purchasing 
  • Investment Recovery
  • Scrap Metal Recycling and Removal
  • Obsolete Equipment Purchasing and Sales
  • Equipment Salvage and Architectual Salvage
  • Reclaimed Wood

Types of Equipment

 We have sold all types of equipment including:

  • Pharmaceutical grade
  • Packaging and Filling Lines
  • Process equipment
  • Pumps, motors, generators, switch gear
  • Glass lined, stainless steel, exotic metals
  • Tanks, vessels, reactors, columns, heat exchanges
  • Boilers, chillers, centrifuges


Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. is an expert in the deconstruction and salvage of buildings for reuse of building materials. We have salvaged or been able to re-use, sell, market the following materials:

  • Bricks and stone for architectural salvage
  • Utilized crushed materials onsite for fill
  • Reclaimed Wood (Yellow Pine or Fir Timbers)
  • Architectual Salvage

Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. is proud to be a member of the Investment Recovery Association. “The Investment Recovery Association recognizes Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. as a member in the Investment Recovery Association complimenting the company’s practice of the strategies used in recycling, redeploying and reselling of unused or obsolete assets and the effect it has on the company’s bottom line”.

About Us

Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. is a full service demolition contractor based in New Jersey (NJ) that operates throughout the United States. We have been in business for over 28 years and have successfully and safely completed numerous industrial and commercial demolition, onsite concrete crushing, salvage and scrap metal projects. We are one of the leading demolition companies in the United States for commercial and industrial wrecking services. read more


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